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Our Team - Operations

Cheryl Ramming

Business Coach

Welcome to Saladworks where we create fresh every day! As a Business Coach I will work side by side with you through all operational aspects of your restaurant. We will work as a team to make the opening of your restaurant a hit and continue to build your business from there. I will assist you in developing and executing business plans in Marketing, Operations and Guest Relations.  I look forward to working together to make your restaurant the best that it can be.

Cliff Wood

Business Coach

Greetings and welcome to the Saladworks family.  You have joined the Nation’s BEST Salad Franchise.  As a Business Coach I will lead you through the opening of your restaurant and guide you into making your restaurant a part of your community by Doing the Right Things.  We will work together to develop and execute business plans in Marketing, Operations and Guest Relations.  I look forward to serving you and your staff in all areas to ensure that your restaurant becomes Fanatically Fresh and Successful.

Alberto Cruz

Company Operations Manager/Business Coach

Welcome to the Nation’s #1 Salad Franchise! I’m Alberto, and I’m here as your partner to ensure every opportunity for success within your Saladworks restaurant. As a business coach, I’ll help you open your Saladworks restaurant and stay in weekly contact to discuss sales results, guest relations and local store marketing. I’ll also work with you to help your restaurant exceed Saladworks’ standards for inspection, giving your restaurant its chance to shine! I look forward to working with you.

Jennifer Altadonna

Operations Coordinator

Welcome to Saladworks!  I work closely with the Operations and Brand Services teams in promoting and enforcing Saladworks’ operational standards. In addition, I manage vendor relationships for our branded materials to ensure brand consistency throughout the system. Last but not least, I help with coordinating the iniatives of our marketing and public relations departments. I believe that sincere enthusiasm, in our brand and our products, is contagious. The more ways the public hears about our brand the better our chances are for achieving brand recognition, credibility, trust, and ultimately, a greater fan base.