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Getting Started

Step 1 - Complete the Saladworks Request for More Information Form

Interested in owning a Saladworks? We’d love to understand a little bit about you. Click here to complete the Inquiry Form.

Step 2 - Introductory Call With a Saladworks Qualifying Manager

We'll chat with you about the general qualification requirements, both financial and operational, and your territory of interest.

Step 3 - Call With a Saladworks Development Executive

We'll talk about specific qualification requirements and walk through the process involved in owning a Saladworks restaurant. This is also where we start discussing your development goals and your areas of interest.

Step 4 - Review Franchise Disclosure Document and Application

If you are interested in moving forward, we will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document explains the Saladworks restaurant franchise in detail and includes a copy of the franchise agreement you'll be signing.   You will review the FDD with our VP of Sales as a critical part of your due-dilligence helping you make the best decision possible.

Step 5 - Submit Application for Approval and Complete Due Diligence

Once your application has been submitted and is being processed for review by the approval committee, you will complete your research on the Saladworks restaurant franchise. This includes discussions with current franchise partners and members of the Saladworks Executive Team, generating restaurant proformas and beginning to create your business plan. Once you have been approved, your franchise agreements will be sent to you.

Step 6 - Sign Agreements and Welcome to Saladworks!

The final step in our approval process is our Discovery Day. At this point in the process we invite you to our headquarters in Conshohocken, PA, about 15 miles outside of Philadelphia. The Discovery Day experience is a two-way qualification process and an opportunity for both parties to get comfortable with the prospects of building a successful partnership.  The day includes individual conversations with each of the department leaders and a tour of local Saladworks restaurants. We are sensitive to the schedules of everyone who participates limiting the Discovery Day to a one day experience.  Once you have been approved, your franchise agreements will be sent to you.

Step 7 - Build the Business

Schedule a real estate tour with our executive leadership to identify the best location to start.


To learn more about Franchise opportunities with Saladworks, call 1-800-230-8447, or click to fill out an Inquiry Form.