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Our Team - Executives

Patrick H. Sugrue

President and CEO

On behalf of the entire Saladworks team, I am delighted to welcome you aboard. Truly, there has never been a better time than now to become part of this growing, thriving, and progressive organization. This is where the best and brightest of the food/restaurant industry come together to create America’s freshest and healthiest dining experience.

From marketing, branding, and culinary to financial planning, purchasing, training and analysis, all the tools you need for success are right here – and they are always accessible to you.

I am very excited about taking the Saladworks brand to the next level of excellence. It is crucial to stay ahead of the curve, which is our mission all day, every day. We will continue to create a wide array of whole, delicious foods bursting with goodness – served in environments that are equally pleasing. All supported by the most up-to-the-minute technology, yet never losing sight of the human touch.

Welcome to the next generation of Saladworks. Creating fresh every day.

Charles Bruton III

Vice President, Operations

Welcome to America’s Favorite Salads! You will meet my team and me during the training process where we will show you the fundamentals of not only running a restaurant but also running a business. Together with the team of Business Coaches, we will help you open your Saladworks location and continue to grow and be successful. Our operational assistance includes staffing, profitability, quality, service, cleanliness and much more. Our team in the Research and Development department will also help by developing cutting edge products to keep you and your restaurant at the forefront of industry trends. We look forward to helping you build and grow your business!

Rich Palladino

Chief Financial Officer

Hey there! My job is to help you understand the financial aspects of your Saladworks, manage your costs, and bring more money to the bottom line. During training, I will give you tools and tips on how to create and manage your profit and loss statement, inventory and labor schedules. My job doesn’t stop there! After you open your Saladworks, we’ll review your monthly profit and loss statements with your business coach, and give you helpful advice on how to improve your bottom line. We don’t want to just teach you how to make salads; we want to teach you how to make money-making salads!

Jena Henderson

Vice President, Brand Services

Hi and welcome to Saladworks! You have made the decision to join one of the best and fastest growing restaurant franchises in the country. You will work with the Brand Services team in many different aspects of your Saladworks restaurant. We will help you with real estate acquisition and design and construction. After your store opens, we will be your Brand Ambassador; helping with Information Technology for you and your customers, the distribution and procurement of the many products you serve as well as research and development to ensure we are always keeping the menu fresh! The team at Saladworks is here to assist you in any and all ways possible. Consider me one of your newest family members and please don’t hesitate to call me anytime.