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Our Team - Legal

Debbie Laughlin

Franchise Administration Assistant

Hello and welcome to Saladworks! As Franchise Administration Assistant, I work with Roseann to assist you with all the franchise documentation required to get your Saladworks location up and running. We are here for you whenever you have questions regarding your Franchise Agreement or questions you might have regarding your lease negotiations. It may seem overwhelming, but you have a support system here at the home office that’s always ready to help you through it.

Roseann Maillie

Franchise Administration Director

Hello, my name is Roseann. Welcome to Saladworks! I head up the Franchise Administration team. I will work to see that all documentation associated with opening and operating your business is completed in an efficient and timely manner. I’m here to assist you with questions that you may have concerning the franchise documents and as you work through your lease negotiations for your Saladworks location. I also facilitate the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which provides the ins and outs of the Saladworks franchise relationship. I’m sure you’ll become as passionate about our brand as we are.